Underwater Camera Equipment:
What Does it Feels Like When Your Camera Floods?

By Ab Kurk

Ask any underwater photographer or videographer what the worst thing that can happen to their equipment.  They will tell you a flood of their housing.  I have been using an underwater camera for over 7 years and have seen some major floods happen to other people’s equipment. I always tell people that you need to be mentally prepared for a flood. A flood is not a question if it is going to happen, it is a question when it is going to happen.

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New Stories

A First Nation Fishing Weight

My friends call me Treasure hunter.  Underwater, my eye has a talent catching straight lines, odd colours and unusual shapes.  I'm ok with this, bringing up new dive lights, scuba knifes, old bottles and retro dive gear makes me a really happy girl.  When I go wreck diving, I descend to the sand below  the dive boat  to find a treasure trove of lost scuba gear  that has fallen off when they jump into the water.    I have found a few nice  LED lights this way, and the joy when I find it, is a really great feeling.  Dive operators take advantage of my finders skills to find their previous customers lost dive gear and have been rewarded with beers. .Read More.....

Kiss GEM Rebreather Training

I always wanted a rebreather just because they are cool. This June I will be finally doing my SCC Rebreather course on the KISS GEM Rebreather. Read More......


Upcoming Stories

Cuba "Cayo Largo"

This ia a trip we did in February of 2012 abd still are working on the story. We should have this done before the end of the summer

Going back to Hornby

Every summer I go back atleast ones to Hornby Island and this time it is going to be the long July weekend.

Returning To Barkley Sound

This July I will be going back to Barkley sound staying at Rendezvous Lodge for a weekend of diving :)

Air Travel With Equipment

Last February I traveled from Vancouver to Cuba via Montreal with my wife Carrie and a friend to do some scuba diving. Usually I travel with all my gear including a video housing and video lights with big battery packs.

In my carry-on luggage I only have items I can’t rent if lost. I carry-on things like my dive computer, video camera and housing. The rest of my gear gets checked. If the airline loses my checked luggage I can still rent gear at my destination.   more...

Hornby June 2011 from Ab Kurk on Vimeo.

The Tacoma Dive And Travel Show:

Every  year in April, the Tacoma Dive and Travel Expo is held in Tacoma Washington. After many years of discussing about wanting to go, Carrie and I finally decided to visit. This is one of the biggest diver trade shows open to the public in our area. Tacoma Washington is a bit of a travel for us here in Vancouver BC. We decided to choose an easy and comfortable way to travel, and jumped onto the Amtrak train.

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